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The key to success in IT is working with us.

I'mIT expert

Are you an IT professional? We would like to work with you. We can offer reliable collaboration and participation in interesting projects.

CoolPeople operates not only in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Romania; a number of projects offer interesting and well-paid jobs all over the world. Thanks to CoolPeople, many IT professionals got to work in various places throughout the world such as Africa, England or Israel. If you prefer your home environment, you can choose from a wide range of IT projects throughout the Czech Republic and enjoy the benefits of domestic projects.



We successfully work for such companies as:

Fotografie Dagmar Oličové.

Dagmar Oličová, Sourcing Manager


Erste, Raiffeissen, GE Money, KBC, Societé Generale, Santander, BNP Paribas, ING, Provident and other…


T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, GTS, ČRa,
ČRO and other…


IBM, HP, Accenture, CGI, Tempest, Atos, Asseco, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Capgemini, Red Hat and other…


   Novartis, Abbott, Veolia, RWE, Net4Gas, Oriflame, Motorola, Viessmann and other…

Join us!

How does the collaboration work?

We discuss the operating principles of mutual collaboration with CoolPeople with Kateřina Novotná, Sourcing Leader. If you do not know her, she (or a colleague of hers) is very likely to call you soon or invite you for a personal meeting.

How would you introduce CoolPeople in simple words?

I personally see CoolPeople as a very open company that puts great emphasis on good and fair relations and team spirit, striving to accommodate the needs of others. We basically seek suitable candidates for IT projects according to our clients’ needs and requirements. Likewise, we seek such IT projects for IT professionals that will be interesting for them both content-wise and financially.

How does CoolPeople actually work?

The most important thing to know is that we are not a recruitment agency. Any projects we offer are always for a definite period of time. Our main job is to link demand for IT professionals with relevant supply. We are building long-term, mutually advantageous relationships with both clients and IT professionals.

Fotografie Kateřiny Novotné.

Kateřina Novotná, Sourcing Leader


I’m an IT professional seeking a job. I’ve heard about CoolPeople and maybe would like to work with them. What is the process? What can I expect?

A colleague from our Call Centre will contact you first to briefly introduce our company and the terms and conditions of our collaboration. They will ask you to send in your current CV, which is the basis of our efficient collaboration. After the call, you will be sent complete login information for your own profile in CoolPeople Club, an internal system that you are going to use to update your CV and monitor all the jobs we offer and their status. If an offer that you receive by e-mail catches your attention, all you need to do is reply...

If you wish, we can arrange a personal meeting at our premises...

When I get an offer for a specific project from you and agree to work on it, what’s next?

Whenever there is an offer that matches your specialty and you are interested in it, all you need to do is reply – either by phone or in writing. We will then discuss the specifics together – whether technological or financial, when you can start with the project and other necessary particulars. If we reach an agreement, we will send your CV to the client.

Further steps depend on the client’s decision-making. Every company has an individual time limit for responding to submitted offers. This is followed by intensive activity by our salespeople, who are in close communication with the client and work hard to close the deal.

If I give you my CV, will you send it out to your clients?

We will never send your CV without your authorization. Our system is so smart that it will automatically send you a short message whenever your CV is sent to a client. After sending off a CV, we await client feedback. Whether positive or negative, we always inform you of the feedback we get. If the client is’s interested in working with you, you will then have an interview with them.

What is the usual form of an interview with a client?

The most common form is a personal meeting with the client. If that is not possible or efficient for any reason, the interview is conducted by phone, over Skype, etc. It’s important to emphasize that the fact you are having an interview on our behalf is not binding on you in any way. You will get detailed information on the project during the interview, and it will be totally up to you whether or not you wish to participate – besides, the client is in the same situation. We will go to the client interview with you whenever possible, or we will get in touch with you right after it and agree on further steps for negotiations with the clients.

If there is mutual interest in collaboration, then a purchase order will be signed to define the exact project parameters, financial terms and other specifics.