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The key to success in IT is working with us.


We appreciate your interest and highly value your trust. We offer you the best you can get when looking for top-level IT capacities on the market: CoolPeople owns a unique database of more than 100,000 top-level IT professionals and experts. These IT professionals will meet the requirements of even the most demanding international clients. With the professional approach of its Sourcing team, CoolPeople can guarantee its clients that in response to their enquiries they will get top-level experts with competences that will fulfil their expectations as much as possible to make them happy.

We successfully work for such companies as:

Fotografie Jana Kuliga.

Jan Kulig, Country Manager CoolPeople Slovakia


Erste, Raiffeissen, GE Money, KBC, Societé Generale, Santander, BNP Paribas, ING, Provident and other…


T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, GTS, ČRa,
ČRO and other…


IBM, HP, Accenture, CGI, Tempest, Atos, Asseco, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Capgemini, Red Hat and other…


   Novartis, Abbott, Veolia, RWE, Net4Gas, Oriflame, Motorola, Viessmann and other…

How does the collaboration work?

We discuss the operating principles of mutual collaboration with CoolPeople with Jaroslav Rybička, Partner and Sales Manager.

How does collaboration with CoolPeople work in practice? When you receive my request, what happens next?

First of all, you are going to get into the hands ofwill be entrusted to a responsible Account Manager, who will discuss your entire request with you to help you with detailed specifications such as your exact requirements for technical skills, language skills, deadlines, the site of allocation and, last but not least, the budget. They will then forward your request to Sourcing. The Sourcing department assigns a responsible Sourcing Manager to each request. Additionally, if your request is broken down to be resolved in several countries we are present in, a Sourcing Manager is assigned in each country. Typically, this concerns the rarer technological jobs for which suitable IT professionals must be sought in several countries at once.

How can you quickly find the IT professionals I need?

Fotografie Jaroslava Rybičky.

Jaroslav Rybička, Sales Manager & Partner 

We have a number of well-tested methods to find the most suitable IT capacities. Based on your specifications, we will first search our unique system for suitable and available IT professionals that meet your technical requirements and other key competences and are available at the required time and location. Thanks to our Call Centre, which keeps the information updated all the time, we are able to respond in no more than two business days in most cases. If your request is urgent, we can react within a few hours. The more demanding a request, the longer the time needed to find suitable specialists.

It is very important for us to know the exact requirements of a project and detailed information about it. On the one hand, it is crucial for finding suitable candidates; on the other hand, we have to take into account that top-level IT professionals today can choose the projects they want to work on. We always strive to match client requirements with IT professionals’ preferences since this is the only way to make both sides happy. And that is an essential prerequisite for a job well done.

How do you make sure that the IT professional you recommend is ideal for our specific project?

We always review the IT professionals we offer on the basis of their CVs, a personal interview and tests. We assess their technical skills, language skills and general soft skills such as communication, leadership and other character traits, with emphasis on the specific position of a given IT professional. Importantly, the assessment includes checking references from previous projects. We check the technologies used in a given project and the IT professional’s practical experience with them. In a number of cases, we also provide comments from the person in charge of a previous project.

We try to offer a short list of 2-3 best candidates for each position, which has proved to be ideal in our experience. We will not overburden you with a large number of CVs but you will always have a choice.

I made my choice from the profiles you offered, what’s next?

We will arrange personal interviews with the selected candidates at your premises, or alternatively by phone (or in another form – Skype, etc.). During the interviews, you can screen the IT professionals as you need and are used to. We do not have any limitation as to the number of interviews, but it is quite common that you can select a suitable candidate for a role/position in the second or third round of interviews. It is true that the greater the demands on an IT professional’s experience, managerial or other specific skills, the more interviews are needed.

If none of the IT professionals convinces you during the personal interviews, or if your original specifications change in any way, we will promptly provide you with additional candidates. We repeat these steps as you need, because it is our goal to find you the best IT capacities to make you happy.

You can rely on our figures:

  • 100,000+ IT professionals in updated, structured form
  • 2,500+ IT professionals available ASAP
  • 4,000+ IT professionals available within the next 30 days
  • 5,000+ IT professionals available within the next 60 days
  • 100% success rate in clients’ RFPs for strategic providers of IT capacities in the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • 95%+ long-term success rate in processing client orders (offering suitable candidates matching clients’ requests)
  • 2 business days – the average time for delivering suitable IT professionals that match clients’ requirements
  • Flexible delivery of IT capacities from local offices in CZ, SK, PL, RO and other EU countries